Having grown up in the Northern Minnesota town of Bemidji, Delaney spent many afternoons and evenings braving sub-zero temperature to attend various rehearsals and practices for the lively arts scene of Bemidji.  She then ventured to the southern (but no less cold) city of Mankato to get her BFA in Acting from Minnesota State University, Mankato.  She is a recent graduate, having excelled in both academics and the arts.  She was named valedictorian of the Department of Theatre and Dance her graduating year.

     Now out in the (still cold) post academic world, she is based in the Twin Cities; armed with a degree, a sense of humor, and a large coat.

     Some of her favorite credits include Helsa Wenzel (The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940), Joan (Melancholy Play), Margot (Legally Blonde), and Clairee (Steel Magnolias.)

     In her spare time, Delaney can be found drinking immense amounts of strong coffee, blessing cat pictures with an abundance of likes, learning the German language, and has recently taken up playwriting.